SsAM's Property, Inc.

SsAM’s Property, Inc. operates and maintains the automotive parking lot adjacent to 719 North Shipley St., Wilmington, Delaware.

That is the address of the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew, for which this parking lot was purchased.

Monthly Parking in downtown Wilmington, Delaware

To purchase monthly parking during business hours at our parking lot, please click here to contact Colonial Parking, Inc.

Parking on Sunday mornings is reserved for those worshipping at the church.

Members of the SPI Board

Members of this Board typically are members of the Church Parish, and represent all the members of the Parish, thus serving on the Board is a volunteer responsibility tantamount to service for the Parish.

Board members exercise stewardship over the parking lot by choosing a competent lessee operator to run the day-to-day operations of the parking lot during business hours, reserving designated spaces for the use of the Parish during those hours.

Board members oversee the maintenance of the parking lot to ensure the integrity and safety of the property with the added responsibility of making the parking lot available for use for church activities during non-business hours, i.e., evenings and weekends.

Contact Us

For more information on SsAM’s Property, Inc., please click here to use the contact form for Danny Schweers, President.